The Society of Peace is a community of the faithful dedicated to the Jesus Christ, who offered peace as his lasting gift to humanity. Empowered by the Holy Spirit and in total submission to the Father's will, they live out a way of peace modeled by Our Lord Jesus with Mary our Mother.
Members journey together, sharing the Word of God and the Sacraments. Through prayer, contemplation, retreats and works of the apostolate of spreading peace, we reflect God's love and desire for peace in the hearts of all. Members of the Society for peace are committed to promoting the Gospel message of peace expressed by peace making efforts and the healing ministries. In the selection of our apostolic activities, we strive to be faithful to the charism of promoting peace.
Members are committed to living out and promoting a simple way of peace:  to finding peace and healing in their own lives, dedicated to praying for peace on their own and with others, and resolved to take action that helps to spread peace. We meet once a month for Mass and prayers for peace wherever a Prayer Group of the Society for Peace has been established. Since our founding we have had faith-full prayer groups in Michigan, Florida, Kentucky and Ohio.